Myths about Erectile Dysfunction

All men who have experienced difficulty in reaching or maintaining an erection are inundated with a series of questions and no doubt it is not an easy subject to take out in a conversation. And, it is totally normal for these men to seek all the information possible for themselves, before going to the doctor.

There are so many myths about erectile dysfunction. If you are wondering what is a myth and what is a reality, in the following section we are going to dismantle four of the most popular myths about erectile dysfunction.

Myths about Erectile Dysfunction

Myth 1: Erection problems happen because of a lack of desire

Reality: An erection is a physiological response. This process happens in the body as a result of stimulation. It is true that lack of sexual desire can contribute to the inability to get an erection, but it does not mean that there is a physical problem. The first step for an erection to occur is stimulation. This can come in the form of a sensation, fantasies, or sometimes simply the voice of the couple. This stimulation can cause the beginning of the process of an erection.

However, what is stimulation for some people may not be for others. And what is more, what was stimulating in the past may no longer be so at all. If sexual desire does not exist, our brain will not receive the stimulus.

Just because you cannot find stimulation in your partner does not mean that you have a physical problem that is interfering with your ability to get an erection.

Myth 2: If you wear tight underwear, you can damage your ability to cause an erection.

Reality: There is no better or worse underwear for erectile function. You can wear the underwear you want - short, long or even, you do not have to wear it if that's your style. This myth seems to come from the connection between fertility and tight underwear. According to the popular health website, tight underwear can reduce the number of sperm while loose underwear can enhance the creation. Because the testicles are outside the body and the temperature of these must be less than the body's overall temperature, tight underwear can cause the testicles to overheat. When this happens, the sperm count decreases.

Myth 3: All men have erection problems as they get older

Reality: Erection problems occur more frequently in older men but that does not mean that getting older causes impotence. The most logical explanation is that as we grow older new health problems begin to arise that can create difficulties when it comes to achieving an erection. Heart disease and diabetes are two frequent factors. Others can be vascular problems, injuries, and surgical interventions, back injuries.

Myth 4: Exercise is good for you, and riding a bike cannot generate damage

Reality: This is a half-myth. Riding a bike is a healthy activity. It makes our heart and muscles work and make us go outside and breathe fresh air. When we sit on a bike with a conventional saddle, we compress those blood vessels and nerves that we should be protecting. Luckily there are saddles on special bikes that can help reduce the pressure.

This information is just for your knowledge but if you are experiencing erection problems, you need to seek help from the doctor.