How Psychological Causes lead to Erectile Dysfunction in Men

Erectile dysfunction is a condition when the person is unable to perform satisfactorily during sex because of difficulty in having a firm penis. This is a very common health issue among men and the causes are either physiological or psychological.

The most prominent physiological and psychological causes of erectile dysfunction are put forward in this article. It must be known that an erection occurs due to both physiological and psychological factors. The process starts with a brain receiving a signal that the individual is sexually aroused. After the brain decodes the signal, a series of signals are sent near the end of the spinal cord. These nerves then carry the messages to the pelvic region and finally to the penis, letting blood vessels to expand for allowing more blood flow to the area. When blood fills up, an erection is achieved. The veins are closed down to prevent the blood from going back which keeps the erection for a longer duration.

As it is a delicate process, any disruption to it will not materialize an erection. Hence, the causes that lead to such failures, be it psychological or physiological are discussed below.

Stress in Men

Psychological Causes

Stress, undue anxiety and depression are major causes that can lead to erectile dysfunction. When an individual is stressed (be it physically tired or worried about issues of life), he might not have interest in having sex and not get sexually aroused. Such a condition is temporary and not an erectile dysfunction technically.

This starts being a problem when the occurrences become more frequent than expected which leads to a relatively permanent problem of performance anxiety. And such an anxiety may ensure the erection to not exist. This would be erectile dysfunction and with the help of a trained counsellor, this problem can be curbed to the fullest. Even person determination is quite necessary as well as helpful.

Physiological Causes

Medical conditions like high blood pressure, diabetes, heart-related problems etc, may result in erectile dysfunction even if the person is sexually aroused. The physical restriction of the blood flow to the penis occurs due to any of these physiological conditions in the individual. Such problems are difficult to completely eradicate as compared to psychological issues. Consulting a doctor is best when it comes to any physiological reason being the cause of erectile dysfunction.

Treatment for Psychological Erectile Dysfunction

Relaxation techniques like yoga are quite useful to treat a condition like this. The psychologist might suggest various yoga techniques for the betterment. Sometimes, certain pills appropriate to the psychology of the individual are also useful. One such pill is Stallion XL which can be available both online and offline.

Passion pump is a very special type of penis pump which is very helpful regardless of the particular reason causing erectile dysfunction. All the individual needs to do is purchase a penile enhancement pump and pump the penis into a harder and bigger size.

As compared to the physiological causes, they require a more elaborate treatment to solve this health issue.