Frequently Asked Questions about Cialis

Cialis is the brand name of the drug indicated for sexual impotence and erectile dysfunction containing the active principle Tadalafil. The product can only be sold through a prescription since its unadvised use can cause some unwanted side effects causing health risk in men with dysfunction who also use some drugs, mainly nitrate based.

Tadalafil 20mg tablet

Following we have provided all the important information regarding Cialis:

Is Cialis effective?

According to clinical and laboratory studies, Cialis has been shown to be more effective than other types of drugs for sexual dysfunction which act directly on the central nervous system. Drugs such as Cialis is usually more effective in treating erectile dysfunction, making it possible to improve in 85% of cases, while other medicines can only improve 65% of conditions.

Cialis is used to combat erectile dysfunction, or sexual impotence, a problem that currently affects millions of men worldwide. Sexual impotence, despite being a common problem in men over 40 can affect people of any age, is caused by a number of factors, including anxiety and stress, among others.

Is Cialis Spray Effective?

Cialis Spray offers immediate effects, faster than the tablet taken 30 minutes before intercourse. The erection takes only 5 minutes to occur after having Cialis spray as the active principle arrives more quickly into the bloodstream.

Can you take any dose of Cialis?

Daily Cialis is sold in doses of 2.5 and 5 mg. And for occasional use, it is sold in doses of 10 and 20 mg. The 10 mg dose is usually the most recommended by doctors for initiation of erectile dysfunction treatment. Its action, like most drugs of the kind, is directly on the genital region, offering vasodilation that enables faster and longer erections and increasing the flow of blood to the penis when the man receives sexual stimuli.

Can Cialis cause addiction?

Cialis is a medicine that does not lead man to organic addiction. However, several patients develop psychological dependence, beginning to believe they need to take the drug to have satisfactory sex, or even that Cialis makes these relationships more enjoyable.

It is important for a man to know that if he does not have any kind of sexual dysfunction, he should not use the medication, mainly because the psychological dependence can lead him to the impotence of the same type when he will only achieve satisfactory sexual performance when taking the product.

Will you have a constant erection for 36 hours if you take Cialis?

Cialis in doses of 10 or 20 mg provides organic effects for up to 36 hours. However, this does not mean that the man taking the drug will have an erection within that time but rather that over that time it will be easier to get an erection when there is any kind of sexual stimulation.

The duration of the vasodilatory effect of Cialis may last for more or less time. That will be depending on the physical conditions of each patient. Physiologically, the natural is that the erection ends soon after orgasm, and taking the penis to sagging minutes after ejaculation.