ED as a Predictor of Lifestyle Diseases

If we see precisely about the impacts of obesity and excessive weight on one’s sexual health, we can easily figure out that there are exactly two of them. Firstly, obesity is the root cause for the initiation of most of the cardio vascular diseases which tend to eat our body slowly and steadily. Cardiac diseases such as heart attacks, atherosclerosis and a lot more are the direct results of having put on some extra kilos. Apart from cardiac issues, cholesterol is the next big thing which tries to capitalize the problem of obesity. Due to the increasing levels of cholesterol in the body, it tends to get deposited on the inner linings of the arteries and veins of the entire body. Since, these cholesterol deposits consume a considerable space inside the inner lining of the blood vessels; the flow of blood gets disrupted to the entire body, which includes the penile region as well.

Obesity in Men

Secondly, men who have an extreme amount of fats concentrated in their body tend to have a depleted amount of hormone secretion ability, due to which the secretion of sex specific hormones like testosterone also gets affected. One thing which makes testosterone so important is that it helps in getting and achieving erections. It does so by enhancing the formation of nitric oxides which help in dilating the blood vessels, which is the main idea behind treating erectile disorders. Due to such dilation, more and more amount of blood can flow in to the pelvic area.

It is a matter of fact, the inter linking of erectile issues and cardiac issues is so strong that one often prompts the existence of other. It is also seen that the emergence of erectile dysfunction often means that the particular person is about to experience some kind of cardiac issues in the near future, and all these symptoms are the most common in the men who have accumulated weight more than their safety level. Apart from these, scientists at the reputed organization of Institute of Cardiology at the University of Milan have found out that the individuals who are suffering from symptoms of cardiac complications are certain to have experienced some or the other kinds of symptoms of erectile dysfunctions, that too approximately an year or a half before the emergence of cardiac attacks.

Moreover, researchers at the University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio also tried to study the connection between obesity and sexual disorders and concluded that the relationship between obesity issues and erectile disorders is so strong that erectile dysfunction can be easily considered as the measuring instrument of the probability of occurrence of upcoming cardiac seizures and cardio vascular issues.

However, another research was conducted by the interns at the Center for Men's Health at Brown University in Providence, R.I., which stated that it is a general tendency for the men to take their sexual issues very seriously, compared to other health issues, which are mostly overlooked.

Hence, it is ideal to consider the erectile issues as the predictor for the emergence of other lifestyle diseases such as cardiac seizures.